Conference Papers: Dynamic Detection of Atomic-Set-Serializability Violations

[hammer08icse]Christian Hammer, Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip, Dynamic Detection of Atomic-Set-Serializability Violations, Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Software Engineering, ACM, May 2008.


Previously we presented atomic sets, memory locations that share some consistency property, and units of work, code fragments that preserve consistency of atomic sets on which they are declared. We also proposed atomic-set serializability as a correctness criterion for concurrent programs, stating that units of work must be serializable for each atomic set. We showed that a set of problematic data access patterns characterize executions that are not atomic-set serializable. Our criterion subsumes data races (single-location atomic sets) and serializability (all locations in one set). In this paper, we present a dynamic analysis for detecting violations of atomic-set serializability. The analysis can be implemented efficiently, and does not depend on any specific synchronization mechanism. We implemented the analysis and evaluated it on a suite of real programs and benchmarks. We found a number of known errors as well as several problems not previously reported.


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